Red and Gold Leaf nail art tutorial

by Kathy Saunders - Friday March 14, 2014 - 09h53
Red and Gold Leaf nail art
Red and Gold Leaf nail art

The new Gold Leaf top coat by L'Oréal Paris is opening up all kinds of easy nail art options, including this great party look with a deep red base colour. This manicure is just perfect for a party or a night on the town, and it's really simple to recreate!

If you were looking for the perfect weekend manicure or just want to get a little extra glitz and glamour in your life, look no further...

What you need:

Miracle Repair 7 (base coat)
Les Top Coats 920 Gold Leaf
Colour Riche Nail 403 Femme Fatale
Colour Riche Nail 000 Parisian Crystal

Step one: Begin your manicure with a protective base coat of Miracle Repair 7. This will help protect against stains and give you a smooth base to build the rest of your nail art with.

Step two: Apply two coats of 403 Femme Fatale and let them dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Step three: Apply a coat of Gold Leaf over the whole nail and let that dry, too. If you want a denser gold effect, apply another coat as this will dispense more gold chunks on the nail for a spaklier look!

Step four: To give your manicure a high-shine finish, apply a coat of Parisian Crystal. This glossy polish also doubles as a protective layer to help you avoid scratches and chips!

That's it!

If red nail polish isn't your thing, check out our video tutorial for a black and Gold Leaf manicure. Alternatively, you could also try a distinctly girlier manicure with pink polish and the new Discoball top coat by L'Oréal Paris.

Miracle Repair 7
Miracle Repair 7
Color Riche Nail Femme Fatale 403
Color Riche Nail Femme Fatale 403
Color Riche Nail Parisian Crystal 000
Color Riche Nail Parisian Crystal 000
Colour Riche Nail 920 Les Top Coats Gold Leaf
Colour Riche Nail 920 Les Top Coats Gold Leaf
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