Nail Art SOS: How to remove glitter and confetti nail polish the easy way

Monday September 16, 2013 - 14h25
How exactly do you remove glittery or confetti nail polish?
How exactly do you remove glittery or confetti nail polish?

If there is one think any nail artist worth their salt needs to know, it's how to take nail polish off. The thing is, removing things such as glitter and confetti can be tricky and more time consuming than necessary unless you've been let in on some pretty nifty techniques...

Glitter, confetti and the like have a tendency to stick to nails really well, kind of like pretty limpets on the hull of a particularly glamorous ship - they just don't want to let go. In doing so, these sparkly little things can often rip cotton wool pads to shreds and make your fingers ache as you try to scratch them off, all of which results in a bad mood and stark (yet soon broken) resolutions to never wear glitter again!

However, with just a little extra patience, you will be happy to know that removing glitter is a lot easier than you might think. And hey, after creating some pretty glam, detailed nail art looks in your time, you should know all about being patient!

The tin foil method: Instead of scrubbing and scratching the glitter off, wrap a cotton pad soaked in remover around your nail and then wrap the whole of your fingertip tightly in cotton wool.

Leave it for ten minutes and then pull the whole thing off to reveal your newly clean nail!

The rubber band method: As above, only you use a rubber band to secure the cotton wool in place and avoid having to cut out strips of tin foil.

Whichever method you choose, make sure you treat your nails to a little TLC afterwards with a nourishing product like 7 in 1 Saviour by L'Oréal Paris. This will help to repair any existing nail damage and help protect them from any potential new damage while you choose which glittery manicure to try next...

Glitter polish to try: 842 Sequin Explosion - this is a brand new polish from L'Oréal Paris, fresh from their brand new Carat Collection - and 916 Confetti Top Coat - this monochrome polish is perfect for jazzing up any coloured or nude manicure.

After all, when glitter and confetti look so good and are actually pretty easy to remove, you could hardly stick to that "never again!" resolution...

Miracle Repair 7
Miracle Repair 7
Color Riche Les Top Coats Confetti 916
Color Riche Les Top Coats Confetti 916
Color Riche Les Top Coats Diamond Lurex 912
Color Riche Les Top Coats Diamond Lurex 912
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